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Unroasted Argan Oil – Add it to your Skin Care Regimen and See the Difference

The argan oil is unroasted since it is a cosmetic grade product. You will be glad to know that Unroasted ARGAN Oil is very much useful since it is made from raw kernels of the plant and acts remarkably on your skin. Unroasted argan oil is used traditionally as a treatment for skin diseases and also as a cosmetic oil for hair and skin.
In cosmetics, argan oil is mainly promoted as moisturizing oil against flaking of the skin and juvenile acne and for nourishing the hair. The oil has even medicinal usages against the healing of burns and rheumatism. Externally unroasted argan oil is being used for hair as scented oil, to strengthen and in the treatment of scaly or wrinkled dry skin.
This Unroasted ARGAN Oil is rich in:
• Omega- 6 fatty acids
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin A
• Linoleic acid
• Oleic acid
• Stearic acid
• Palmitoleic acid
• Tocopherol
Traditional Advantages of the Unroasted Argan Oil:
• Shines your hair
• Lessens split ends
• Heals burns and cracks
• Heal eczema
• Acne remedy
• Acts as a skin moisturizer
How to Use this Oil?
Face Moisturizer:
After cleansing your face, massage a few drops of oil onto your neck and face directly. As it is regarded as a dry oil, so it absorbs in no time and is not at all greasy. In case you want to use it just like a serum, then apply the night cream right after the oil absorbs into your skin.
Hair Styling Shine:
While your hair is dry, use unroasted argan oil as a styling product simply by adding a few drops of it to your palms. Rubs your hands nicely together and just run your fingers through the hair for creating a beautiful shine and taming frizz. You need only a small amount of oil. It lasts longer.
Exfoliating Lip Scrub:
In order to smooth, as well as moisturize your lips, all you need to do is add a few drops of oil and vanilla extract to brown sugar to make a healing moisturizer. Gently massage into your lips in a circular motion and after some time, rinse it off.